Order Shirts NOW Your can order your shirts, hats, etc. online, or you can contact Staci Ribbity Ribbitz via email or call her at (678) 660-3346. 

See the web site for more items and colors. This is not one of our official fund raisers but Staci will make a donation to the Reunion based on the amount of merchandise ordered.

Registration for the "Reunion at the Cradle" will open on March 15, 2017.

Please download the registration form as well as the instructions:


Registration Form


Registration Form Instructions







John Lamb: Reunion Chair of Registration

John Lamb serves as the Reunion Chair of Registration.  John began his career with the U.S. Forest Service in 1960 as a bridge engineer in the RO, Northern Region.  Subsequently, he worked on the Kootenai NF, the Southwestern Regional Office and was the engineering liaison for the Job Corps in the WO.  In 1969, John and Shirley transferred to the RO, Southern Region as the Assistant Regional Engineer.

Then in 1981, John transferred to USAID, where he served in Nepal and Grenada. He spent much of that time in the remote areas of Gorkha, Mustang, and Myagdi.  While in Nepal, his adventures brought him in contact Edmund Hillary and the Belgium summit team.   John now finds time to work with the Reunion team, ski annually in Utah with the Canadian Olympic Ski Patrol Olympic reunion group and volunteer at the non-profit Medshare, sorting and packing surplus medical supplies for use in third world countries.