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SFSRA OfficersThe Reunion at the Cradle is led by Chair, Dave Jolly with Co-Chairs, Sid Haggard and Liz Agpaoa.  During the past year, a number of Retirees have generously volunteered their time to lead and participate on the Reunion Committees.  At this time, we are still seeking to populate many of the Committees.

The Reunion Web page is led by web master, Russ Chaffin.  He is working with Liz Agpaoa and Alan Pigg.  We fully expect the web page to change and grow, as the work of the Reunion progresses. We intend for this web page to be the site where Reunion participants go to seek the most recent information on Reunion registration, hotel reservations. In addition, the web page will endeavor to share the updates on resource history, culture and social aspects of Asheville and the Southern Appalachians.

In the future, web page content contributors will be a shared collaboration of Executive team, Committee Chairs and interested individuals who wish to share their experiences and knowledge. This first Version 1.0 (December 2016) was created by web manager, Russ Chaffin with content narrative provided by Co-Chair Liz Agpaoa and support by Alan Pigg, President of the Southern Forest Service Retirees Association (SFSA). Much thanks to Alan for hosting our site prior to our official website going live.

The Reunion at the Cradle is the first US Forest Service Reunion to be held East of the Mississippi and in the South.  We welcome you to the site!

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Here is a list of our committee and chairs as they exist currently.  If you are interested in any of the committee chair vacancies shown below, please contact anyone on the executive committee.

Executive Chair Dave Jolly oversight responsibilities:

• Committee for Reunion Program development: Chair Dave Jolly with Sid Haggard and Liz Agpaoa

• Committee for Fund Raising and Exhibits: Chair Charlie Richmond

• Committee for Silent Auction, Raffle and Reunion Store: Chair Bobby James


Executive Co-Chair Sid Haggard oversight responsibilities:

• Committee for Registration: Chair John Lamb

• Committee for Venue, Facilities, Food and Contract: Chair Mac Gramley

• Committee for Public Relations and Communication: Chair (currently vacant)

• Committee for Volunteers and Hospitality: Chair  (currently vacant)

• Committee for North Carolina: Chair (currently vacant)


Executive Co-Chair and CFO Liz Agpaoa oversight responsibilities:

• Committee for Budget and Finance: Chairs Joan Golden and Jim L. Reaves

• Committee for Web page: Chair and Web manager Russ Chaffin

• Committee for Program Entertainment: Chair Keith Lawrence

• Committee for Field Trips and self-guided activities: Chair Linda Brett